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Note: This song was made for two reasons. 1. WorldStar HipHop and other mainstream hip hop video media outlets take pride in showing GLBT artists not as such, but as “jokes” “coons” or “publicity stunt whores” whose talent comes second if at all next to controversy or stereotypical gay behavior. 2. OutHipHoppers, artists and supporters who think shit’s sweet because I do songs for the kids and am creating my movement based on skill, intelligence and product versus controversy. So, in the age of RazB and Breezy, Joe Budden and everyone, Lil Kim and Minaj, I chose to take shots at the machine. The establishment. Now let’s see who asks who to pay in the end.


Warning: (New Year’s Evil) – Worldstar HipHop Diss

I’m up in Minnesota, 6 months of the cold/
Also the home of the greatest story ever told/
The rebirth of a monster, I’m spitting heavy flow/
Murckin every show the jealous haters petty tho/
Take a machete to my name, scary Mary Jo/
I take it to your terror dome like Bloody Mary hoe/
I make the hardest rapper redirect his arsenal/
You throw the ass, white flag, where did your garter go?/
My heart is cold as an arctic hole, I’m made for this/
Slap any str8 bitch that say that I’m too gay for this/
I’m a “get up in a hater’s anus” specialist/
Colonoscopist – yea I’m fukkin off the top with this/
Sexxin up words, silly bird you ain’t as hot as this/
Fukkin’ with ya father, yea I son you, Papadopolis,

Sorry if that makes no sense, I’ll break a hater’s nose and wrist/
Violence ain’t the answer but I’ve run out of choices, This/
Voice I got is poisonous, stretch you like contortionists/
Better join the movement or, choose to forfeit often, it’s/
Time for real emcees to take the game up to the ultimate/
Heights, I got love for the dykes, man, and all the KIDS/
But I worked hard for this, yes , I will scald you prick/
Call it what you want but don’t wonder why I call you bitch/
I know you be mauling dicks, left and right/
A silly piece of troglodyte, get it right, or get ya life side swiped/
It ain;t the widest pipe, but yo it’s long as shit/
You starting all this shit an don’t expect to fall a bit/
You should ease up off the vodka son you hoggin it/
Them grains must be foggin up your brain, yea cloggin it/
My main objective with the beat is start doggin it/
I don’t care how you feel. It’s my prerogative/
My 12’s kill the lames, 16’s they massacre/
32’s genocide, 80 bars, THE DAY AFTER/
TOMORROW homie apocalyptic, never scripted like tony’s/
Fukk the haters, I will never leave you lonely/
There’s only one me, so get to clappin hooker/
I changed the rap game like Crock Pots and Pressure cookers/
Did the food industry, you ain’t no kin to me/
It’s a wrap like skinned knees, and other sports injuries/

Let’s squeeze a liars neck until we get the truth juice/
Eating fukkers like the blob and wobbling like Bruce Bruce…
©Kevin “Kaoz” Moore All Rights Reserved
Released 12/31/2010


released December 31, 2010



all rights reserved


Kaoz Minneapolis, Minnesota

The land of 10,000 Lakes & emcees - Kaoz is an ocean of his own. Disc - The Tyler Durden EP (Experience) (2010) The Tyler Durden Mixtape (2010) Exec. prod & co-wrote Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS - (2011). "EnterSexTions” (2013) & The End Is Beginning (2015) are on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & other digital platforms. Booking at kaozonline.com ... more

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