Majic Carpet

by Kaoz

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Pass it to the left...Love from the EnterSextions Bside collection.


Majic Carpet
I’m flying high, soaring through the atmosphere/
Catchin’ me some sun rays, bird whisper in my ear/
Tellin’ me to cop a wrap, head shop/ anywhere/
I don’t wanna touch the ground, me and my bowl can stay right/
Medititation Clear the mind, stop for gas, feeding time/
Better get yoself some personal because, I got mine/
Now have a seat right there, buckle up I switch the gear/
Oops, I mean I chant my wish, 0 to 60, OUTTA HERE!

Hop on my magic carpet
Cop it break it roll it spark it (4x)
We keep that kill man we fiyah it up,
Got Patron in a cup, bout to grab me a slut/
Take them cuffs off with the quickness I don’t give me a fukk/
Best wish is to keep it pushing man, go smoke you a blunt n****

Verse 2
Homeboy I got’s no roof, but the chills are coming fast/
Pineapple kush will make a fruity doody wanna smash/
Make a smoothie or make booty, psychedelic hella groovy/
Let me tell I’m hella choosy, hit this blunt, don’t act booshie/
Try to keep up or lose me, come a lil harder partner, rocking with the goons Team Kaoz, Ali Baba/

Here’s our chariot, kinda weird, wait for it/
Break this down, twist this up, light that match, blow day shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

They call me ali baba, bad news like your baby father/
When Im stoned I down mad water, flashbacks or my alma mater/
Zero period, bloodshot eyes, he so serious, checking out thighs/
Size up the myriad of facts realized, thus making it hearsay and lies/
Tell the truth shame the devil, different ass dudes on different ass levels/
See it in my eyes like asian boy yellow, I catch tradewinds you catch mad shovels/
Now dig it, dig it till the sky turns wicked/ pass me the spliff, thick ass or piff/
Decisions, all of the above now take off, smellin like a fed I oughta beat ya brakes off/
Take a hit hold your breath, pass that kill to the left
Minus seeds it’s the best, chia pet on your chest/
Take a hit hold your breath pass that purple to left
It can hurt you watch ya step, fukk around and over slept/
Take a hit hold your breath, silverback, pass it to the left
Bone-in harmony came and crept, minus Janet, so so def/
Take a hit hold your breath, pass that diesel to the left
I got weed and I don’t need meth, my majic carpet just stay fresh ….


released April 24, 2012
Contains a sample of "Don't Tell The Mermaids" from The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Lyrics and Lead vocals by Kaoz. Background vocals by Kaoz & G-Lo. Mixed and engineered by Merg "Toast". Recorded at All Out Studios



all rights reserved


Kaoz Minneapolis, Minnesota

The land of 10,000 Lakes & emcees - Kaoz is an ocean of his own. Disc - The Tyler Durden EP (Experience) (2010) The Tyler Durden Mixtape (2010) Exec. prod & co-wrote Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS - (2011). "EnterSexTions” (2013) & The End Is Beginning (2015) are on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & other digital platforms. Booking at ... more

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