(Keep It) Human (Rmx)

by Kaoz (feat. Loren Jamal)

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This song is dedicated to each and every young adult, teen and person that we have lost and may continue to lose as a result of the increasing acts of violence & hate that eat away at so many of us, internal and external. Hate based on class, race, size, "difference," bullying, discrimination, disenfranchisement, disappointment, despair.

With this, I lift their voices. I call on the many voices bellowing from the lungs of those still alive. Us. The change. The chance. Lets go...It doesn't just get better...Know that you are not alone...


(Keep It) Human (Rmx) feat. Loren Jamal

Ayo, Tell em it's human nature/
Hard to love ya neighbor when he's decided to hate ya/
Just because ya life is one he can’t relate ta'/
Instinct’s lead them to bull ad berate ya/
Swear they know all the answers to all the questions/
Keys to all the lessons, Criticizing ya dressing/
The Rule of Gold is the one we keep for getting/
Do onto others – Just in time for “elections”/
Even throw a heavy hand in ya weddin’/
Insecurities always emerge when we’re threatened/
Hate and oppression replicates like an infection/
Level 5 biohazard, man I feel it spreadin’/
I tend to look at this as mental Armageddon/
Trying to swim a few laps, but still we only treadin/
Blood is on our hands, the body count is so upsettin’/
We jettin towards our ruin, hold ya head keep it Human…

Loren : Bump That judgement I’m gon always keep my head up…
Kaoz: (Lil Brother keep ya head up)
L: The ones who judge I swear they don’t know better…
K: (Lil sis, they don’t know better)
L: I’m who I am and what I am don’t matter…
K: (yo, all that stuff don’t even matter)
L: You Can’t break me down,
K: (You can’t break me)
L: You can’t break me down
K: (You can’t break me, yo!)

V. 2

You and I are only human/
Dancing to the tune of fear, and confusion/
Use assumptions to paint our own conclusions/
Choosing to hate one another based on illusions/
Words hurt like stones and fresh bruises/
And every word WE drop gets acquired by a few kids/
Sometimes we lose it, we get a lil lax/
Hear em tear each other down and then we turn our backs/
Or even better still, we use the same curses/
To others that are different from us, as if we’re perfect/
We are all loved by at least 1 person/
Hate crimes and suicide frequency worsens/
Every paper, every screen, I can feel the hurtin/
Every teardrop brings a eulogy rehearsed and../
We forgot how to act, time to pull the curtain/
Think about, what ya doin, hold ya head, keep it human



You are beautiful, yes you are loved
Yea it’s hard to bear, but DON’T GIVE UP!

Just call out to me, yes I’m always there
Shoulder heart and ears, there’s no one to fear!

Lil Bro Bro, Lil Sister friend,
No it’s not the end, the sun shines again!!!

Life is but a fight, and you can surely win,
We are all flesh and blood, only humans.

V 3

Now Imma keep it simple, life ain’t always easy/
This is not a picnic, No junior scholar meeting/
No friendly game of chess, develop strategy/
I’ll be the hip hop branch from the olive tree/
And I’m doing this here, so you can rock with me/
This Revolution, it’s time for our equality/

(Chorus & Vamp)


released November 16, 2010
released 16 November 2010
Lyrics by K. Moore
Chorus written and performed by Loren Jamal
*features an inclusion of "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson
Production: Yon-L.I.




Kaoz Minneapolis, Minnesota

The land of 10,000 Lakes & emcees - Kaoz is an ocean of his own. Disc - The Tyler Durden EP (Experience) (2010) The Tyler Durden Mixtape (2010) Exec. prod & co-wrote Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS - (2011). "EnterSexTions” (2013) & The End Is Beginning (2015) are on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & other digital platforms. Booking at kaozonline.com ... more

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