EnterSextions Vol. 2 (Special BC Edition​)​*​*

by Kaoz

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The second half of the EnterSextions project.
** - contains 3 hidden bonus tracks.


released March 5, 2013

Executive Producer: Kevin "Kaoz" Moore (Total Kaoz Ent.)

Mixed by G-Lo Da Scientist, Joshua Bryant, and Elijah Vasquez

Recorded @ All Out Media Group & Cleveland Tapes, Inc.

Mastered by Eddy J. Free (FreeLife Media Group)

All songs Written By Kevin Kaoz Moore except - High Az Eva co-written by Josh Indie and Kaoz, If U Can & Love/Kill & My BF Got A BF* co written by Gerome Keaton and Kevin Kaoz Moore

#Album illustrated artwork by Deshon Smith courtesy of Seen As Art #Track Graphic designs by Nehemiah Hargrove Ortiz..



all rights reserved


Kaoz Minneapolis, Minnesota

The land of 10,000 Lakes & emcees - Kaoz is an ocean of his own. Disc - The Tyler Durden EP (Experience) (2010) The Tyler Durden Mixtape (2010) Exec. prod & co-wrote Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS - (2011). "EnterSexTions” (2013) & The End Is Beginning (2015) are on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & other digital platforms. Booking at kaozonline.com ... more

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Track Name: A Dick Shun (Pt.1) - Prod. by H.A.J.E.
A Dick Shun Pt. 1
(K. Moore, A. Taylor, A. Eleam)

Penis envy, not seen as friendly
But I’ve seen plenty, Out, In/
Even if they tried to offend me, well many men
Yea, they be on that bull shit, but bend me –
Bite me, brand me, color my manhood/
Anyone can bone but, damn is your man good?
I ran with the thugs, buggin out on drug binges/
Partied off the hinges, steppin up my interest/
Jealousy was endless, therefore the sentence
For these crimes of passion, was witnessinjg some dick prints
Measurements are relevant, if only I were celibate
I wouldn’t give a hell of two shit’s, so I’m tellin it/
Inside looking out, tell me how you sellin it
Show me what that book about, how you yellin it?
But what’s said is how big is your head?
How hung is your cock? how wide will it spread??
Now they in your mind, got you feeling smaller than a
Grain of sand, when I became a man
I let go of childish things, but in exchange
I dive head first into a pool full of pain.
Bullet holes exposing, machismo broken, holdin
Your wounds, invoking moaning, cocktails poking/
I mean, pogo stickin, LOGO is homo pimpin,
You hung? Someone’s sipping, You small? No one’s listening!
If I’m lying I’m flyin, what good is a Beamer
If a blind man is driving?

(you make me cry)

When the only thing you want is the lump in my thigh
Wonder why?

(you make me cry)
You like em huge but you still ain’t satisfied
Maybe you too wide
(say ahh say ahh)

(you make me cry)
When the only thing you want is the lump in my thigh
Wonder why?

(you make me cry)
You like em huge but you still ain’t satisfied
Legs up throw em Y, Y, Y Y?
(Y formation – throw em up in a Y formation man!)

(You make me cry)
Cause whenever I’m with you I be thinkin shits fine
Then I sigh

(You make me cry)
Hella rivers like there’s onions in my eye,
damn you ain’t right!

(You make me cry)
When I feel emasculated

(You make me cry)
Financially intimidated

(You make me cry)
Like you plucking hairs from my anus

(You make me cry)
Always tellin me I’ll never make it

(You make me cry)
Well, have you seen yaself naked?

(You make me cry)
Looky here trick I know you fake it

(You make me cry)
Give a trick a mile and they’ll “take it”
Track Name: CREEP (Sleeping w/The Enemy Pt. 2) Prod by E-React
(K. Moore, E. Vazquez)


Creep Creep Creep Creep Creep
I creep, You Creep, She Creep, Not TLC Creep
Don’t sleep yo…

1st Verse:

Sneaking, tippin, sliding through the kitchen,
Ninja assassin, a pin drop, listen
Shhhhhhhhh. Silence, keep it on the low
Keep it on the other side of the kitchen doe’
Keep it at the Mo’
Keepin up a lie is serious
I thought you know,
but this is how it go.
The honeymoon is over, you feeling mad bored,
Got a dude so true, but maybe you a whore.
Your ex is in your wallet,
tossing vulgar love sonnets
Sex within the sonics, I honestly would ponder-
Only if the benefit would supercede the cost bruh,
But you don’t have to justify getting your salad tossed, huh
I see you on ya lil hoodrat swag,
Type of punk that gives a bad name to the ****
Tag, you’re it
Duck duck goosey!
Ooga Ooga Black Booga
I’m in love with Looosey
Addicted to the dick kid
Bait for the groupies,
Soon as ya dude fall asleep that snatch is juicy
You’re undone, rare, karma in the air
Rather give away the dairyaire,
Oh contraire
Barebackin with the randoms
obvious you don’t care
Your dirty lil secret is yours don’t share
No fair, can’t make a husband out of a player
And time wont pause when your tunnel starts to
Did you know in NYC,
1 and 4 people infected with genital herpes,
cuz they


Creep, Creep Creep
In Cali they Creep
Atlanta they Creep
Cleveland they creep
Detroit they creep
Philly they creep
Boston they creep
Dallas they creep
Creep Creep Creep
Girls girls girls girls

2nd Verse

Girls Girls Girls Girls
Loosin quick weaves
Sweating out they curls
Too busy with your trick on the side, to see HER twirls
With her Ex Boyfriend, biggest cock in the world!
Progressive ass thinker,
2 degrees, Thick Mink-er
Pop bottles, open doors, chills thru her sphincter,
Yea I said it, women ain’t exempt, they still pimp,
Workhouse, schoolhouse, even at the gym…
You be thinking she exclusive
Game so elusive, upsetting
Cuz raw is the way that she be letting em
Jam out with your clam out, set the can of spam out for dinner
Doctor told you that you picked a winner
After two weeks of bleeding, chunky ass blisters
Swear that you can tear the air in here like a twister
And I don’t mean a KFC snack treat
Too many baby mamas being bad athletes
Cuz every other mutherfukka so crafty
They shiftee, iffy,
borderline nasty
Fecal matter swagger,
shitty rerun of Degrassi
Cover up your Estee, MAC, Maxi
It don’t matter, you creepin so soft
Like a pillar to the cater – No cocoon
No room,
soon for improvement
It aint what you do babydoll, it’s how you do it
It aint what you do baby doll it’s how you do it


Creep, creep, creep, creep creep
Creep Creep Creep Creep, Cre- Cre
Cree Creep, Cre cre creep creep creep…
Track Name: Love/Kill (feat and Prod by Facey)
Love Kill (Remix)

(K. Moore, G. Keaton)

#1 (Facey)

I seen you and that N**** rollin in that Concorde
You effin whore I should stick your face inside this lawnmower
We been here before, you promised me change
But since I got outta jail, you been acting strange/
I keep callin ya phone, you just let it ring
I would be a billionaire if love didn’t cost a thing/
Baby on the way, I don’t know what to say
I’m lovin you, you lovin me,
but all we got Is E.B.T./
The arguments, the cries, steady tellin lies
You fukkin b*** do you do this to all them other guys
Displayed, was taylor made, and I saved it just for ya’ll
Okay Ms. Mother In Law – don’t be scared when she call/
I should take the contents of your body and paint this fukkin wall/
You take me on a natural high, to watch me fukkin fall/
I’m walking away, yet, you beg me to stay
I told you all my dreams I guess you just forgot today/


She Keep apologizing, telling me lies and
Whatever bitch
Love Kill
The screaming the names, the crying the pain
Shit just aint the same
Love Kill
For betta or worse, who threatened who first?
Just pull up the hearse
Love Kill
I really love you tho, I know you love me tho.
I just can’t take it no more.
Love Kill

#2 (Kaoz)

Better hold my mule, I’m bout to break fool
On this cheating ass dude, smack ‘em with the tool/
4 years it true? U fukkin’ with some jail cat
That got a baby too? His girlfriend knows and you and her are cool?
Cuz she swallowing her sideline man head to shoe?
Please somebody call an ambulance,
I won’t give this man a chance
To live to tell another fukkin’ soul
This is how you love a hoe/
Yea I promised that I’d, never beat yo ass
But that was before that convict n*** eat yo ass/
Now my friends asking me about you, and yo past
Shit, I’m bout to pour the gas, light the match, smash!
B*** fuck you and your make-up sex, guess we bout to break-up next
You and THUGLOVIN need to guard yo grill, protect ya neck/
I’m loving you, you lusting him,
Fukk you fools I’m bustin’ in
Poppin off not taking names,
I’ll do the bid and take the blame.


He keep apologizing, tellin me lies and
Whatever N****
Love Kill
The screaming the names, the crying the blame,
Shit just ain’t the same
Love Kill
For better or worse, everyday the shit hurts
Just pull up the hearse
Love Kill
I really love you tho, I know you love me Hoe!
Just can’t take it no mo!!!
Love Kill

(chorus repeat x3)
Track Name: Nocturnal Emission (Prod. by Waynestarr)
Nocturnal Emission (for Stronger)

(K. Moore, WayneStarr)


Every time I wake, I’m tossin towels on puddles
Dirty Harry Scary, kinda leaves me befuddled
It’s like I black out, and then I cum, to
Ambien, ambiance, now who I’m making love to?
If only we would listen, instead of read these visions
In the dead of night, hard body, R.E.M’n
Eyes closed, wide load, chose to fantasize about those
Times we rhymed without, the clothes
Can’t rewind so we’re forced to grow
Snapshots, now back to the plot,
My wet dreams where I’m macking a lot
Bulls eye booty, I’m smacking the spot
Just like Target I close big lots
And acres, first time we met was in Shaker
While I was a barista and a baker
Kobe Shaq, Los Angeles Lakers,
Fingerwave hustlers, alligator players
Those were the days, swagga, pain, plight
What could I do but dream of you at night
Wake up in a puddle draws too tight
Sticky yuck, maybe I can get more bang for the buck
In the back of the truck,
Baby dear, young buck
Real thang, give a fuuuuuuuuuuck.

You know I’ll see you in my…
I’ll see you in my dreams, see you in my dreams
You know I’ll see you in my…
I’ll see you in my dreams, see you in my dreams

It looks like it’s one of those days
Feels like its one of those nights
When all I had was you, to keep me warm
2 pairs of shoes to keep me torn
Between, I choose YOU.
After one month you took the love away,
So I play it in the back of my mind…
Intentional? Psuedo-whimsical?
Bend over, I’ll show ya where my timbs can go…(psyke)

But you got away
Covered up my ears at your louder gay
Two heart bleeding on a subway train,
We coulda been the Fire Next Time, one day
In another life, time or space, place
Coulda spawned a whole ‘nother race
Never told you how I felt
Too much of a G, easily I melt
I felt your words, spirit in the wind
Your kindness I’m just rewinding again
If I coulda turned back time I woulda been
A lil more brave, black is where I fade,
Now you are gone to the universe, no pain
Memories of you is like umbrellas in the rain
You inspire me, to maintain,
One day I’ll see you again…
(Chorus 3x)
Track Name: Rhode Island Redd (Prod. by Free (Bes))
Rhode Island Redd
(K. Moore, R. Watson)


Rhode Island Redd was notorious for head
Suck the claws of a crawfish
Lint off a bedspread
Dyson, Hoover, fukk with shakers and movers
Lames faking maneuvers
Painstakingly proven
His game, change like Ruben-Rick
Mixes be grooving
Group thangs and chains
Cooch stain remains
Shout it out, magic eraser
A free baser on the low, dream chased em away
Like Speed Racer, don’t play
I see danger, smell that shit on your breath like
Garlic after dinner, or a mouth fulla meth yep

They call em Rhode Island Redd
Rhode Island Redd.x5


Redd passed them headshots across the globe
Fret not
Pouring loads in a funnel
Lubricating his tunnel
Fun while it lasts
Caboose it must pass the truth
Be on blast
Demolition smash
Destruction, collapse
Kill that function perhaps
Your tongue is just a trap,
Pig with no strap
Ironing flat out on ya back
That’s tiring
Take a break, vacation, cash in that retirement
Track Name: Rosebudd* (Cover-ish of Flower by Liz Phair)
(inspired by Liz Phair’s “Flower” co written by K. Moore)


Everytime I see your face
You get all wet, between your legs
Everytime you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain
(repeat throughout)

Verse 1

Every time I see your face
I think about grabbing you by the waist
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it
Everything you’ve ever wanted
Kill it in the kitchen, leave the house haunted
So many things I’d do to you
I’d bang you and your sidepiece too
You mouth spreads open like a flower
Work it babe you have the power
Used to wear your hair all the way to your thighs
My ding-a-ling’s the perfect “suck me” size
You act like a sketchy, addict on hold
Every word out your mouth is so
Obnoxious, funny, true and mean
I want to be your Blow job King
I heard you were shy, introspective
Giving you the biz, my objective
Desperate Fat lips, you can take the Jimmy
Swizz fukkin beat it like Remy “when you see me”
Every time I see your face
I get swole rock, that cock pulsate
I want to hump that A*** like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it
Everything you’ve ever wanted,
Lemme kill the bones babe, leave the house haunted
Everything I’ll do to you
Come take me till this dick turns blue…

Verse 2 (rap)

Ya see, it’s kinda like a vulva
But this is not a Two-Lip
Definitely not a clover,
Something like a seedling, once I work it over
The rosebud grows, my kinda low-va
You’re kinda twerkin, got my piece jerkin
No Jergens,
cut that ass apart I’m a surgeon
Dr. Quinn, McDreamy
Working the f*** out of my muscle so steamy
Sauna when I’m on her
Brazil to California,
Long as we can see the ocean
Puffin purple Ganja-wana
Pluck the pedals, don’t settle for less, level
Sip some amaretto, Keep it smooth not ghetto
Love your boobs, you special,
A rebel
Bass in my walk, and my talk get’s ‘em off
My lust for you runs slow like a sloth
I like to be in control, a boos
Thick Ross
Free zone, ya knees gone?
Sleazy like the “Bees in the trap” see-zong
Spray the bed with pesticides,
Make sure the fleas gone
Invasive races of creatures eating the leaves off
See it soft, see it hard
Make it colored, swiss chard
I ain’t been this hard, since gym class
I’ll be the effin hero, once you get past
My identity, come get with me, come get with me
Come get with me. Get with me.
Track Name: Brother 2 Brother (feat. Bootz McQueen) Prod. by Free (Bes)
Brother 2 Brother (Feat. Bootz McQueen)
(K. moore, R. Watson)


Me & my homies was chillin at the Fogo
Saw ya man playing low pro with the doe-doe's
Ya man was in the middle, sidelined,pitiful
Two years ago I woulda read him to the mineral.
But he’s a general, bought us all drinks
Said he love my 16’s and how they make him think
But back to the matter of these birds in my cabana
You need to check ya N*** first,
Quit being a bamma


Stop the press young boy, where’s your manners?
And while we on the subject, where’s your man huh?
That’s mistake 1, shoulda checked ya n***
2 many lames try to game,on me, for me to remember
And now you got some balls, hangin hard as platinum
Hackey sack sucka, I should put a fukkin bat to em
Ya man don’t wear a name-tag, how was I to know
That he’s a 10 penis a day
Swallowing typa hoe yo?


Insert a shortbus joke,
Instead I poke holes in you and ya young folk
I’m a grown ass man and know my place,
Suggest you pick a lane since you hoppin in the race
Petty chicken heads get a dick all in their face
We can throw effin thangs fukk boy, pick a place
Bring some Vaseline for your scars,
Cuz I’m
Nutso with the knuckles,
Disgusting with a slut flow


Closed caption, you’ve done enough speaking
You can stop the bitchin,
Or you can start leakin!
Catch a bloody nose, or catch ya man hoe
I don’t keep him n my pocket
But I can though
Fall the fukk back before it turns into a scandal
Word is on the street, I’ll beat the breaks off ya handles
Take care of your home, watch your own actions
Swear I got it out ya man,
But Imma put it back in…
Track Name: Bukkake (Pronounced Boo-Kah-Key) Prod. by Josh Indie & Kaoz
Bukkake (Pronounced Boo – Ka – Key)
(K. Moore, J. Young)

1. noun Variety of fetish that involves repeated ejaculation on a female or male by many (as 8) men.

2. verb To ejaculate on something, especially repeatedly


Homophobes I eradicate,
Slap em on the ass, Pat-E-Cake,
Draw first blood or retaliate
Lookin to your stand just to validate
Talent aint, what they really want
They wanna follow others “what they really on”
NO directon, where you really goin?
Swamp Thing, Bayou Billy flowin…
Influenza, keepin lames skulls at the top of my credenza
I suspends disbelief,
You might find your missing teeth
Too much to chew, so screw the beef
True that’s why you keep losing sleep
Listen lil homie, respect my damn BI,
I’m as gay as every str8 rapper
Saggin Levi’s.

(Hook 1)

Now turn to the left, turn to the right
I bust shots at ya forehead
Then put the rest in ya eye,
Now turn to the front, turn to the back
Ya gotta catch em all homie,
Or you gotta come snack…


My orientation is still your issue
These rap cats be nervous without a pistol
A couple of followers you official,
Them lames with you be the ones to get you,
They gassin you hard, and you forget who –
You be fukkin with, Rottweiler to a Shit Zu
I’m to the point jabbin you with a pencil
Scribble a few lines , erase, then reinvent you
I do shows, you screw hoes
I do flows you do jokes
You get exposed, silly hoax
Petty mockery, with no hope
You bring bagels, we pack toast
And a goon or two with loose screws
White Rabbit homie you better choose
I dead a competitor can’t lose.

(Hook 2)

Now turn to left turn to the right,
You worried bout ya image,
But you deleted on site.
Turn to the front, turn to the back
Your swag is basic and so wack!
Jenna Jameson covered in nut sacks!


Your rhymes, too sloppy
Over your face like bukkake
Flamin hot cheetos and hot Takis
Don’t like it? Then kick some hot rockies!
Ya garbage! Too sloppy
Bust off on the rappers like Bukkake
Str8 from the bottom you cant top me.
and I don’t need no crew, Im too motley



Are you mad at my culture
Got murdering some f*** on your quota
Something that your dad shoulda told ya,
Messing with the right person then you fold up,
Now that’s my Christmas gift,
You hypocrites cause my stick to shift
Hangin to the left with suspense and shit
Cool it now homie, New Edition Spit
BBD do me, getting all in ya booty
Run and tell ya Judy, or whoeva ya crew be
Get with the program or sue me,
My fear is of no man or fool B,
Come down to it it’s either you are me
And this foolery ends with a Eulogy…

(Hook 3)

Chorus x 2