EnterSextions Vol. 1 (Special BC Edition)

by Kaoz

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We all keep crossing blindly. We may crash.


released February 19, 2013

Executive Producer: Kevin "Kaoz" Moore (Total Kaoz Ent.)
Mixed by G-Lo Da Scientist, Joshua Bryant, and Elijah Vasquez
Recorded @ All Out Media Group.
Mastered by Eddy J. Free (FreeLife Media Group)
All songs Written By Kevin Kaoz Moore except - High Az Eva co-written by Josh Indie and Kaoz, If U Can & Love/Kill co written by Gerome Keaton and Kevin Kaoz Moore

#Album illustrated artwork by Deshon Smith courtesy of Seen As Art #Track Artwork by Nehemiah Hargrove Ortiz..



all rights reserved


Kaoz Minneapolis, Minnesota

The land of 10,000 Lakes & emcees - Kaoz is an ocean of his own. Disc - The Tyler Durden EP (Experience) (2010) The Tyler Durden Mixtape (2010) Exec. prod & co-wrote Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS - (2011). "EnterSexTions” (2013) & The End Is Beginning (2015) are on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & other digital platforms. Booking at kaozonline.com ... more

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Track Name: EnterSextions (The Warm Up) (Prod. by Stevie Visionz)
EnterSextions (The Warm Up)
(K. Moore, S. Visionz)


NO homo- stays on Top
Killing all the bottoms, you wet get a mop
It’s about to be some hurt feelings why not
You playing with the right homeboy get dropped
For less than a penny
Someone gassed you and passed the Henny
My flow is aplenty,
Bountiful artist, you and your crew was spitting garbage
Till I came on the scene and showed you what “hard” is,
zero in on you like a target
I was waiting at the finish line you was starting
Queefin on site, I repeat beg pardon?
Wanna be on my team? Study all my moves?
Practice my mojo, train how I do?
This thing called Hip Hop, man I;m a tool
That’ll fix this game , I RAP, I RULE!!!


You rockin with the best and
There aint no second guessing,
It’s time to learn a lesson
Welcome to my EnterSextion…
(repeat 4x)


I guess I’m "back" like white girls
You call em naps, I call em tight curls
Loose cannon abandon a tight world,
Screw dancing, romancing a tight “twirl”
And if you don’t know the meaning,
Check the glossary I won’t be repeating
Side track the minds that keep re-tweeting,
Find that the fine cats, get the beating
We ain’t from the same place, keep deceiving
Looks aint what they seem, what are you believing?
A buncha overgrown adoptees they teething,
Biting me on my rhyme and sometimes my pee pee
I hit em with the ill shit weekly,
EF Hutton type a shit
When Im speaking,
Watch the bass hit, I’m the shit when peaking,
God with the flow you lil ni*** can be king….
(Chorus x4)
Track Name: Take A Look (Prod. by Free (Bes))
Take a Look

(K. Moore, R. Watson)


Crossed up
Put the GPS on a lost fuck
Bring it to the house get tossed up
Thongs in my mouth I'm flossed up
Get it?
My pimp sauce is nutz,
Runnin money clips I’m boss bucks
Cough – pause – Kanye shrug
Lost – cause – Ya’ll aint thugs
Look at the world it’s a new day cuz
Can’t judge penguins by who they love
Give a fuck but we all keep crossing
Driving mad reckless Ryan Gosling
Better call Geico, Bi-cycle
Frank Ocean, George Michael,
Might bring it to the ‘phobes with a pipe tho
See I don’t play around no Tyco
Toy car, my bars get trifle,
Got ya lil hype man loading up the rifle
I'm a Rudeboy, you an impolite hoe
Lexicon flexible hit em with the right flow
Look at The World and I know, this aint
Midterms its finals
My headline smash yo side show.
Some rap but I tap spinals


It’s a brand new day, that dude spit and he gay
Can’t stand, give a damn what he say
It just ain’t right
But I don’t give a fuck ‘bout
You or your crew, yuckmouth
You a waste of space so face the fight of your life


Fuck a hater, smarter than a phone
I keep the paper, in a tight trail
And count it later, check your behavior
Take a look, I’m an open book.


The return of the Man-A-Saurus Rex
A hole is a hole,
sex is just sex
Not that easy believe me it gets
More complicated, shoulda masturbated
Had a V8 rolled a tree and got faded
Instead you were lookin like a snack and got
Wash em all down with a bubble tea,
I live in a dog house, you could never trouble me
Got milk on ya breath
But you sonin’ me?
Talk shit behind me,
not in front of me?
I see you pimpin,
some hater musta came through
killed ya vision
Get over it! Your Christ has risen,
Still can’t convince you that life ain’t prison
Live a little, try a new position
Do it while you standing,
do it while you sitting
I deal with a cold hand, you need mittens
Eating dirty pussy, but you can’t stand chitlins???
Sounds like a slight contradiction
I'mma let you work that out then I’ll listen
In the meantime, imam have to twist them
Fatties by the ounce till my fingertips stickin
Dudes try bully me and turn to a victim
Addressing all the haters, envelope lickin.


Track Name: No Strings Attached (Prod. by Eddy J. Free)
No Strings Attached (N.S.A.)

(K.Moore, B. Montgomery)


Cruising online, fills a void in time
Reminding me of what I can’t have, and why try?
To make sense of us, so damn presumptuous
E-Class attitudes, riding on a city bus,
Random pics of swollen dicks, armpits, shit, plus
A rotating demonstration on, why I shouldn’t trust
Internal homophobia, mutating man lust
Party with the coke and meth
Chill out with the cannibus
Racism, recollected, color complexes
Prejudice gays with bogus reasons to be selective
High faluttin’ fashionistas, sewer line of credit
Big headed, pretty twinks, pass easy as anoerexics
Hopeless romantics, bludgeoned by hoe antics
Fukk em with slow hands, and then shove in a door jam
Befriend or floor him? I wink to explore then
Show you my private pics, you worship public dicks
3 out 5 are sick inside their psyche, they won’t like me…


They’re out for blood
They’ll take your heart
Your mind and your pride
Blow it a part
Give shit to flies
Give honey to bees
Give Life to the dead
Give man his strings
Give me a sign
Give him a choice,
Give death to the careless
And give breath to a voice
Bring light to dark
Bring me a chance
Keep the strings,
Just need a friend.


I’m too honest, I’m too clear
Damn that prick that drove me here
Only place to be a “queer”
Or find some rear that’s far or near
They move and they talk like puppets
Yet they swear they’re real men
Modern day Pinnochios, Claim they’ll never lie again
L.O.L. you cry again
They log off, you die within
Leviathan, a Tired grin
Choke me, spank me, Plier bend
Piss all over, call me rover
Blow me like a general motor
Call ya homeboy, he can record us,
Smoke a quarter, Favorite porn on-
Repeat, skeet skeet
Corner of ya cornea
Sticks and stones turn bones into
Road warriors
Vessels pop, blood shooting from Urethras
Life’s a teacher
And a bitch
If you fuck her over as if you don’t need her –
Don’t know why I still believe
That we can grow beyond our stupid
Spoiled narcissistic abuse,
Shallow boobs
Crude foolish little tools,
whose the rudest?
Know matter how rich you do it-
Still ya gotta remember
To take ya pill around 2…

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Like A Virgin (Prod. by E-React)
Like A Virgin
(K. Moore, E. Vazquez)

Verse 1

Everyone is doing it
Icky sticky goo-in it,
Sneak em in ya room and shit.
Ruin it
When you walk away I start boo hoo-in tits
She was my first wish
Lil Kaoz knew, a persistent attitude from females was
“damn who is this? Fat lil corny n***”
That’s their loss, I’m cool as shit
Suddenly my biggest crush was feeling em the same just
One small problem
Am I top or am I bottom yo…


I know I seem anxious, a tad bit nervous
I’ll follow your lead,
you know I’m just a virgin
You can me Fonsworth and I’m at your service
I’ll follow your lead,
Man you know I’m just a Virgin
You can be my doctor, the call is mad urgent
I’ll follow your lead,
You know I’m just a Virgin
Yo, you know I’m just a virgin
Yo, you know I’m just a virgin.

Verse 2

Virginity, some such
First time our tongues clutched
Only one of us bust
I don’t mind, first memory of you was from behind
Creepin through the school halls
Bad case of blue balls
You was the rude boi
Transfer student I
Closeted my swizzle stick
Had to stay prudent a –
Tricky mission, Mixleplick
Superman pursued it but
Fukking with that dude Lexx,
Man I’m ‘bout to lose it
“It” being purity, my impulses were rearing me
Steering me
All my clear-headed queerness, times infinity
Here’s a good analogy:
TV dinner – No Pokes
In the plastic film,
Man this hormone shit is no joke.
15 yrs old before the coke
And before the smoke
Chris Bender, Tone Loc, Crips, Bloods, Vice, Folks
Aiight folks, This is not the end, it’s beginning
Here’s my serenade to sinning
Fuck Charlie Sheen, I’m WINNING!!!


Verse 3
In the hood little dudes told all the tallest tales
Swear the shit was mad truth
But , who am I to tell?
Every young man was dreaming of the cunt hand
Coochie linger on the finger, swipe it ‘cross the nose of friends
Everyone, had a piece of puss
By the age of 10
Except me, so I felt a brotha
Had to get it in like
Mr. Marcus, and the ten chick gang bang
Fish may float your boat
But for me “it’s a man thaaaaaaaang”

(Chorus 1x and out)
Track Name: Jive Talk (Prod. by E-React)
Jive Talk

(K. Moore, E. Vasquez)


I’m just a human being,
With a human lust, lemme do my thing
Lemme keep my place, when in Rome do it
Set up the webcam show the whole Unit
Listen terdface, I fukk on the first date
I know, it gets worse wait,
I throw dirt on 3rd base
I don’t try to steal home
Rock hard feel foam, wettin up the dancefloor,
What you wearing pants for…
I like em scant tho, taudry tit-a-licious
Tapping at your tonsils while I do my dishes
I keep a small bed, no overnights B****
So don’t ask me, just shake ya backseat.


Baby you got me scheming
Ooh you got me feening
Got me robbin and stealing
For your love, you all I think of
Boo you got me leaning
Like I’m on the ambien
U gotta let me in
Give it up
It’s fine get nutz…


Gag reflex, handcuffs rough sex
T bags- Latex, absent on some sets
Yea I know better, control my hole wetter
Call it penis power, makes the meanest cower
Turns trees to flowers, seeds be devoured
Like its my last meal, death row 11th hour
No Suge Knight
But I like to bully, back you in a corner,
Submit fully
Wear out my inseam this pimping be crippling
Your B*** thing be dipping out the back
With this team
Yea initiation, it’s time to get christened,
Already know it’s a matter of days, we all hitting
All aboard the amtrack caboose is ransacked
Perfect timing like we sat around and planned that
Bad Girls Club, or Live BGC
From the neck down, you ain’t seeing me (get it?)


Now that’s an inside chuckle,
Cream filled Ki Ki
Just ya effin luck so,
Notched up knuckles, teethprints on my knuckles
Hickies on my nuts so, indicative of a struggle.
Get sick of all the low key hoes all in a huddle
Just last week, I had a wet dream about my cuzzo
I know that sounds pervish, wish I woulda serviced
Homie at the family reunion, huh, I’m foolin
I don’t bicker with dudes, that’s the rule and
Whats the effin verdict sourkraut for your Rueben?
Does it really matter to anyone who I’m screwing?
I don’t think it does, do you…
Track Name: Mary Jane (Eym N Luv) (Prod. by E-React)
Mary Jane (Eyem N Luv)
(K. Moore, E. Vasquez)

I’m in love with Mary J, in a REAL way
ALL that I can Say, is, You Remind me, everyday
Can’t live without you, your clouds Bring ME Joy
I’m Goin Down with EVERything,
Love don’t live here no more…
Family affairs Blowing chronic in the air
I bring you near when My Life ain’t fair
This is my Testimony, lend me ya ear
There’s NO More Drama I know no fear,
There is no competition, I trust No One Else
But me, to Be Happy, You’re All I Need- delf
It’s just me, dolo, I’m The One,
Love With-Out a Limit, Keep Ya head to the sun
At First Sight, Mary J own the night,
Simp and plain she can change the rain in Spain to light
Not Gon cry over those mistakes of mine
I’mma stay intertwined with the game gimme mine…right.

And Imma blow one for Mary…
I’m In Love with Mary Jane…
She helps me maintain….
She’ll never leave me man….
(bring it back)
1st Verse Repeat


2nd Verse
How can I love myself
If I really can’t, make myself some bank
Stay the fuck from crank, walk a plank Hank
I spark the stank dank, emcees lame anchors
Exposed chancres, broke out the box type wangstas
Prankstas, thanks Cuz!
Track Name: High As Eva feat. Quentin Adams (Prod. by Josh Indie)
High As Eva (Feat. Quentin Adams)

(K.Moore, J.Young)


I’m puffin on the gateway, mistake
It’s a double play
Same result insanity.
Can I stay? Can it be?
Never ever Ran away.
Bonnie/Clyde, Nicki/Wayne
Swizz/Keys, Bey & Jay
Pre-dictable, it’s a “no strings” ritual
Habitual, try something new, dif’rent flow
Sounds nice, say it twice – still it’s hella difficult
Keep the smoke & dick inside our throats
Equal signs, months turn to years
Time and people flying, through the cosmos
Keep you and my God close, I submit
Bloodline open up to this, harder dose
It’s the art of sexual warfare, my arsenal.
Afraid of being hurt but, healing
Kinda sorta slow
Fuck my ego, I don’t listen
To them needy hoes
You my little secret tho, Xscape with the Optimo
Clothing optional,
When you leave out, just lock the door.

Me and You high az eva/ All we do, smoke together
After That, sad to say, Sorta like the smoke
How you fade away


Me and you a tragedy,
Making of a casualty
Rock me till I fall asleep, teary
Wash away the weak
Hoppin fences, it’s relentless
Round and round insane and senseless
Gamble like I’m playing instants
You infect my main defenses
I’d do anything if we were kings and they were princes
Your royal penis is clean, squeaky if ya listen
I am not your babysitter, nor am I
An obstetrician
Random tricks they play their part
But G’s like you, play position
I keep losing my religion, when you touch my piston
You tease me with your lips,
in my lap
While I’m twistin' Ball bats,
Got nothing but time, like a Mallratt
Most these cats be lying on their dicks they need to
Fall back
Saw it coming long time ago, but ya never know
Truly what the universe and all that spacey shit’ll hold
So we hold each other
Funny how we know each other
Inside, and back again
My poisonous crack binge.



They try to make me go to rehab.
I don’t need a cure I just need some knee pads
Re-Hash – Smoking Ghost roaches
From the Weed Past.


Fear of commitment, jealousy, resentment
Law & Order, Private Practice,
You’re my co-defendant
Pendant, no one holds the title
No survival
Of the fittest,
If ya wanna live, then you gotta
learn ya limits.
Losing at the scrimmage, simple pimples
Blemish. I need a percentage.
I’m tired of being bled dry
When the love has ended.
Maybe it’s the Pandemic,
Bringing forth our finish,
Track Name: If U Can (Catch Me) feat. & Prod. by Facey
If U Can (Catch Me) Feat Facey
(K. Moore, G. Keaton)

#1 - Facey

I never thought it’d end this way,
The fact that you can come and blow my mind
1 more time.
Remember what you used to say?
Baby, you can have it your way
All night.
When we were alright
Then up comes the sunrise
And that’s when you told me
I’m always on your mind
And we would always be…
I never knew U
Would do this to me.


So catch me if you can, I cannot pretend
That we can just be friends, let’s do it again
Catch me if U can, I cannot pretend
That we can just be friends, let’s do it again.

#2 Rap – Kaoz

U be on my mind/
yea I know it’s sexy time,
Babe, you know you were a dime,
Kaoz , bout a dolla holla
Back if U can, big ups to your man
I ain’t gonna tell em that you want another chance
Hit the bedroom with a 3 legged dance
Till ya knees get weak, and ya
Can’t feel your hands…
I loved U but U ran
To X Tube friends and webcams
U ain’t gotta worry baby, I won’t tell ya man
That his new girlfriend, is my #1 fan!
Enough about him, see U blush when I grin.
Some things don’t change. Let me cop them brains!
Head of the class, star sticker by your name,
U know how I rock, When I cum, IT RAINS!
Just for the night let’s gaze,
Up in the stars so far our names
Shine where they are written, who are we kidding?
Sex like solar flares, NO bullshittin’!
Instead of shacking up with the scrubs and the pigeons
Call animal control then pay me a visit
Ripe for the picking, bust down sickenin!
One more night with my SuperHead Vixen!!

(Chorus) 2x



One time for the sex man, Two times for the ex man,
Three times for the next man,
And 4 times for the BEST man
Track Name: McLovin' (Prod. by Waynestarr)
(K.Moore, Waynestarr)


Big deal, dig the feel
100 percent beef sitting on a hill
Special sauce, respect ya boss
Call me Rick Ross with severe weight loss
Toss a couple pallets I jack off on any ballad
I got hammers, emcee mallet I go Ceasar for a salad
Shallots croutons, you ball hard on groupon
Your heat dry like Tuscon, my flavor no Pupon
I’m a good time, I’m a great taste,
An even better look, not talkin Seal face
Heidi Klum ya dig, I exhume the pigs
Hot hot cakes and fake butter,
Orange juice for you to swig
Feel the acid turn to gas within your abdomen and ass
Make a splash your, shit shit talk is cash in
Greece, cheese is extra, couple onions for the texture
Lettuce and those crunchy pickles I just spit
Lyrical missiles
Vicious officially, twisted your ish will be
Delete your history and murder inconsistencies
My visceral epiphany
Climaxing like a symphony
Rising , falling, amputating all limbs
I don’t need a tourniquet I
Let it bleed or burn the bitch
Tyler better learn a bitch
To get it right or eat dick
Pop off it’s your turn to spit no idea who you working with
Don’t worry you done earned a swift kick
To ya dirty lip.


I’mma do this one for Grimace
Taking over franchise, value sized man fry
Heavenly shoot it str8 to your waist,
MSG don’t bother me in any case I gota be a fucking


Emcees be hating on mickey d’s
always wanna complain product is make believe
knock off, bootleg, you aint too proud to beg
set em up in a tool shed , while I bake this new bread
Purging after you fed, got eating disorder?
Order from the value menu 1 dolla
And q quarter at the highest
Apply this flyness to ya diet
Count the days till ya try it, pays to be
Pays to be self reliant
I’m the blue print, but these new gimps
They wanna step into my hoodie and my shoe prints
You castle burger, I roll in quarter pounds
A beef will make you queef
Specially when your boys around
I’m so big and tasty,
Small time – you titty pasty
You be eating so much bullshit
You getting lazy
Double whopper coppers, time to overthrow
The half dead competition I purge em like exorcism
Grimace real wide, spinach with ya liquids
Can I kick it? Mind bend these riddle swift to cripple
Mayor McCheese so please don’t get it twisted
Have a seat, I got details on why Ronald went missing
Headshot on a milk box, scarface like rap-a-lot
You used to getting tapped a lot,
At the club or after spot
Imma one stop shop galleria for your ears
Watch this Cleveland boys noise destroy all those
Who hear.


Imma rock this one for Birdy,
Taking over franchise, value sized man fry
Heavenly shoot it str8 to your waist,
MSG don’t bother me in any case I gota be a fucking